Electric Forklift Trucks

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Hyster® electric forklifts with fully integrated lithium-ion technology deliver the strength you need to tackle tough tasks and the innovation to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Check out our powerful new forklift lineup.


High-performance and energy-efficient 4-wheel electric forklift trucks

The Hyster range of innovative 4 wheel electric counterbalance forklifts are the most productive and energy-efficient electric forklift trucks on the market, ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.

With some models featuring solid cushion tyres, which are suitable for indoor use with smooth floors, there is an electric forklift for every application. These powerful trucks have a range of features designed to cope with the toughest demands. The Zero Turning Radius axle is ideal for narrow aisles and congested loading bays. Improved traction and hoist provide smooth acceleration along with low energy consumption.

Hyster J1.5-3.5GX Electric Counterbalanced Forklift Truck is well-suited to a wide range of applications, including narrow aisle work, thanks to refined short chassis options.

The Hyster J1.5-3.5UT electric counterbalance forklift trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and deliver exceptional reliability at every turn. Available with lead acid batteries, lift heights up to 6000mm, lift capacities from 1,500kg up to 3,000kg, travel speeds up to 16km/h and a range of standard features and options.

The Hyster J1.6-2.0XN four wheel counterbalanced electric forklift truck is one of the toughest and most stable electric forklift trucks on the market, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor operations and can deliver a low cost of ownership to even the most demanding operation.

The tough and reliable Hyster J2.2-3.5XN series is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in the logistics, food and drink, manufacturing, timber and automotive industries. 

The powerful, high capacity J4.0-5.5XN four-wheel electric counterbalance forklifts were designed to operate both indoors and outdoors. These tough electric forklifts deliver ICE-like performance combined with low energy consumption for the metal, timber, beverage, bottling, paper, pulp and automotive industries amongst others.

The Hyster J7.0-9.0XNL counterbalanced forklift, powered by integrated lithium-ion technology, is designed to satisfy a need for a zero-emission alternative in a high-capacity range for both indoor and outdoor operation. Integrated lithium-ion power is a suitable solution for heavy-duty applications, providing ICE-like performance with zero emissions. This series of tough electric trucks is ideal for use by a number of industries including automotive, timber, metal, beverage, paper, bottling, and many more.

The Hyster E45-70XN electric forklift offers advancements in quality and ergonomics making them one of the most operator-friendly AC-powered lift trucks on the market. This is a versatile forklift truck designed for indoor use and ideally suited for a wide variety of applications such as general warehousing, food and beverage distributors, lumber and building material distribution.

3-wheel electric forklift trucks

Hyster three-wheel electric forklifts are designed to maneuver in the tightest of spaces and are available in sit-down counterbalanced and stand-up models. These forklifts are designed to provide maneuverability and productivity in applications where space is a premium.

The Hyster J1.5-2.0XNT is a tough, energy efficient three wheeled electric counterbalance forklift truck featuring class-leading manoeuvrability, low maintenance requirements and the optimum balance of energy consumption. Designed to deliver a low cost of operation, the Hyster J1.5-2.0XNT is suitable for intense and demanding indoor or outdoor applications.

The Hyster J1.6-2.0UTT electric counterbalance forklift trucks are easy to use, simple to maintain and deliver exceptional reliability at every turn. With a familiar automotive layout, these uncomplicated 3-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift trucks are well suited to the needs of many different handling operations and deliver excellent manoeuvrability, control, and visibility.

From dock to stock and anywhere in between, the Hyster E30-40HSD2 series is your versatile materials-handling forklift truck offering superior ergonomics and increased productivity. These three-wheel stand-up lift trucks are primarily intended for use on the dock for loading and unloading trailers, including some stocking and transport use. They are ideal for retail distribution, food manufacturing and processing, general warehousing and manufacturing, storage, plastic products, and freight transportation.


With Hyster electric Forklifts, the use of high-quality and robust components contribute to reliable operations and lower wear and tear. This, together with the fast availability of cost-effective replacement parts helps to reduce maintenance requirements and costs.


Manufactured in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, The Hyster range of innovative 3 and 4 wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts are the most productive and energy-efficient electric forklift trucks on the market, ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications.