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6/9-High Empty Container Handlers


Every container yard must bring down the cost per box moved to stay competitive in this growing, fast paced industry.

The new Hyster® empty container handlers are designed to perform and last, even while handling heavy or offset double container loads.  

Ranging from 8 tonnes up to 11 tonnes capacity, there are nine models available in the H8XM-EC6 - H11XM-ECD9 series. This includes four single container handlers for up to 8 high and five double container handlers for up to 9 high.


Achieve power and speed in every lift thanks to the reliable and fine-tuned Cummins QSB 6.7L engine (Stage IV or Stage IIIA). Operators also have superb control when approaching loads with the smooth shifting and inching of the 5-speed forward / 3-speed reverse hydrodynamic transmission by ZF. You can also balance productivity and fuel economy levels - using the selectable ECO modes (eLo and Hi-P) – available on Stage IV Hyster® empty container handlers. Choose the right mode for maximum productivity or for excellent fuel economy. 

Features such as powered pile slope, automatic extend-retract of the spreader, auto throttle-up and true inching allow for safe, accurate and smooth positioning of containers - even up to 9 high. 


Choosing the right spreader with your Hyster® truck is key to cost effective container handling. And if you don’t double pick yet, you could even discover a new, more efficient container handling approach utilising the right Hyster® spreader for your operation.

A comprehensive selection of single and double handling spreaders is available to suit your specific needs featuring vertical twistlocks, hook & side clamps and horizontal twistlocks. With a variety of different container sensing systems available, nothing stops you from efficient handling all of the most common types of containers, one or two at a time. 


A comfortable operator is more productive. The operator finds their best position with seat and steering column adjustment, and can easily check and adjust truck parameters with the digital display. The operator cabin, open mast design, and smart placement of components provide 360-degree visibility.

The innovative spreader design enables the operator to see the twistlocks or hooks in every load position. And includes ‘reefer correction’ sideshift to easily reposition offset loads. CANbus control and digital operator display with twist lock indication, make it easy and efficient for the operator to lock the load. 


A well-tuned and fuel efficient powertrain lowers your fuel consumption.  Smart features such as on-demand hydraulics, on-demand cooling and selectable performance modes also contribute to fuel savings, extended component life and reduced noise levels.  


Hyster® container handlers are designed and built to perform and last in the toughest container yards, offering effortless handling, every day.  The robust and heavy-duty core of the machine is capable of lifting two 40ft reefers at once, even with both cooling units on the same side. 

The high strength mast accommodates heavier weights and can handle net loads of up to 11 tonnes. For optimal performance and durability, the variable lap mast features a heavy duty 2 over 1 chain system. This new design enhances structural strength and significantly improves chain life, contributing to lower costs and reducing downtime. 


Whether you choose a standard or wide drive axle configuration, combined with the robust Hyster® steer axle you’ll get excellent stability in all empty container stacking applications.


Not only will you move more in less time, with Hyster® empty container handlers you’ll also notice longer service life of components, and less downtime due to unplanned repair needs.  

  • Reliable, quality components
  • Daily checks and servicing are completed with ease
  • Minimum 500hr+ service interval (extended 10.000 hr service interval for the hydraulic oil using regular oil sampling)
  • Tilting cab for easy access to components 


Tailor the truck for your specific requirements with additional options:  

  • Smart camera systems can display key areas
  • Optional double-line automatic greasing system means even less service required
  • Auto extend-retract feature further assists operators by adjusting the spreader to a 20ft or 40ft container size at the touch of a button
  • Hyster Tracker telematics helps manage your empty container handler more effectively to maximize uptime and productivity, eliminate bottlenecks and minimize cost
  • A choice of standard or raised height cab makes picking and loading more containers per hour a breeze
  • With high-stacking masts, you can optimise the vantage point with optional automatic cab tip-up cab to provide greater operator comfort when stacking containers above 4 high
Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm)
H8XM-EC6 8000 16200 Long 6797
H8XM-EC7 8000 18800 Long 6797
H9XM-EC7 9000 18800 Long 6797
H9XM-EC8 9000 18800 Long 6797
H9XM-ECD7 9000 16320 Long 6797
H9XM-ECD8 9000 21400 Long 6797
H10XM-ECD8 10000 18920 Long 6797
H11XM-ECD9 11000 6797 Long 21520