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The powerful, high capacity J4.0-5.0XN four wheel electric counterbalance lift trucks deliver excellent manoeuvrability, with zero turning radius, and a low cost of operation through customisable performance settings to achieve a balance between energy efficiency and performance.

Designed to operate both indoors and outdoors, these tough electric forklifts deliver ICE-like performance combined with low energy consumption for the metal, timber, beverage, bottling, paper, pulp and automotive industries amongst others.

Hyster J4.0-5.0XN Electric Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck Highlights:

  • The extremely tough Hyster J4.0-5.0XN electric forklift truck, designed to operate in arduous and intensive operations outdoors and indoors, with a robust chassis, IP65 rated drive axle and heavy duty, rigid  mast  for excellent , stable and fast load handling capability
  • Proven reliable components, such as the VSM (Vehicle System Manager), AC motors and sealed electric connectors, provide long operational life and an optional auxiliary hydraulic cooler is available for the more intense lifting applications, with side thrust bearings in carriage for attachment use
  • Competitive travel speeds of up to 20 km/h (21Km/h unladen) match the performance of ICE trucks, to meet the demands of intensive applications.  Dual AC front wheel traction motors provide smooth acceleration and swift direction changes and with regenerative  braking and a powerful hoist motor this truck delivers powerful handling capabilities
  • A Zero Turning Radius steer axle and dual AC drive motor provide combine with compact dimensions to enable excellent manoeuvrability in narrow aisles where space can be restricted. The driver can turn the truck on the spot and operate with the 4 tonne model in aisle stacking widths that can be as small as 4,161mm.
  • eLo (Energy Low) and HiP (High Performance), deliver the optimal productivity / energy consumption ‘e-Balance’, to extend shift life, reduce battery change requirements and provide low cost per pallet moved in varying application conditions.
  • Lower operational costs can be realised thanks to the extended battery shift life and the dependable and virtually maintenance free components, including oil immersed ‘wet’ disc brakes, brushless AC motors, in-built thermal protection on traction motors and advanced cooling system. The HSM (Hyster Stability Mechanism) is also maintenance free
  • Easily accessible components, VSM and CANbus technology and on board diagnostics help make maintenance planning  simpler and quicker, with precise troubleshooting, to help minimise the downtime and associated costs of routine maintenance
  • A wide range of additional options are available to meet various application specific requirements, including 10 class 3 standard mast offerings, 10 class 4 standard mast offerings, wide tread (front) for wide load handling (4t,4.5t), load weight indicator, daily operator checklist and side thrust bearings for attachment use
Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (v/ah)
J4.0XN 4000 6000 Long 2411 80V / 840-930Ah
J4.5XN 4500 5735 Long 2411 80V / 840-930Ah
J5.0XN 5000 5735 Long 2411 80V / 840-930Ah