Hyster K Series Medium & High Order Pickers ‐ K1.0 L/M/H

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Tough and reliable for time sensitive order picking operations, the Hyster K series of medium and high level order pickers is designed to enable the best use of space and deliver a low cost of operation.

The Hyster K Series order picking trucks feature rising cabs to help operators to pick individual items at medium to high locations, maximising pick face access for the duration of a shift.

Hyster Medium and High Level Order Picker Highlights:

  • Solid stability at height is delivered by the robust mast construction, with high torsional strength at up to 8 metres high
  • Strong, welded compact chassis structure enhances manoeuvrability and allows reliable load handling even in high racking
  • A lower cost of operation is achieved by the progressive speed control, which helps to reduce energy consumption
  • An extensive range of lifting heights helps to optimise warehouse space, for reduced operational costs
  • The AC drive motor is virtually maintenance free and the CANbus wiring system enhances communication between truck systems which, together with onboard diagnostics, simplifies maintenance.  The fixed vertically mounted motor provides easy maintenance access, further reducing costs
  • Forks on all K series order picker models can be raised or lowered independently from the cab
  • A wide range of customised options that includes cold store, various cab widths, rail or wire guidance and end of aisle slow down and stop options, makes the K series adaptable to suit virtually any operation requirements
Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (v/ah)
K1.0L AC 0.7 FC 1000 690 Short 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 15 FC 1000 1410 Short 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 12 1000 1010 Short 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 12 SL 1000 1010 Long 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 17 SL 1000 1510 Long 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 17 WP 1000 1510 Long 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 48 SL 1000 4627 Long 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0L AC 48 WP 1000 4627 Long 1622 24V / 560Ah
K1.0M 1000 4670 Long 1742 48V / 310Ah
K1.0H 1000 5170 Long 1742 48V / 420Ah
K1.0H 1000 8895 Long 1742 48V / 560Ah