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Reach Trucks


This reach truck series is designed for indoor use and is ideally suited for a variety of applications such as general warehousing, retail and Grocery wholesale.

Choose from single or double reach trucks with either forward or side stance configurations and a variety of optional features available.

AC Power, CANBus communication system, electric steer, and regenerative lowering all contribute to the durability and reliability of these Narrow Aisle reach trucks. As with other Hyster lift trucks, they are designed with superior ergonomics for versatility and productivity.

  • Configuration flexibility Provides optimal operator positioning. Ability to select different stances (Fore/Aft or Side stance) and different control handle configurations.
  • Completely brushless AC traction, hoist and auxiliary function motors eliminate brush replacement and help reduce service time
  • CANbus communication system reduces wiring and electrical connections and provides real time diagnostics
  • Four programmable vehicle modes are available for maximum speed, acceleration, deceleration and hydraulic ramping
  • A thermal management system for all motors and controllers add protection from overheating
  • Full diagnostics are standard, easing serviceability, helping reduce troubleshooting time and vehicle downtime. Easy access to all components for regular maintenance and repair
  • Three mast configurations are available:
    • 5.5” standard duty 3-stage (lift heights 191” to 272”)
    • 5.5” heavy duty 3-stage (lift heights 212” to 293”)
    • 6.9” 3-stage (lift heights 272” to 422’’)
Model Load Capacity (kg) Lift Height (mm) Wheel Base Turning Radius (mm) Battery Capacity (v/ah)
N35ZR Single Reach 1587 5000 Short 1671 36V
N35ZRS Single Reach 1587 5000 Short 1671 36v
N40ZR Single Reach 1814 7899 Short 1671 36v
N40ZRS Single Reach 1814 7366 Short 1671 24v
N45ZR Single Reach 2041 6909 Short 1671 36v