Rental Equipment

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Equipment rental is another way that we can bring the benefits of materials handling machines to your operation. Maximise the value of your capital with forklift hire by retaining up-to-date equipment that can adapt to changes in your materials handling requirements.

We have the benefit of finance & forklift lease specialists as part of our extended team who can structure a payment schedule to suit your long or short-term needs.

Long Term Rental

Flexible and cost-effective fleet management.

Short Term Rental

Have the right equipment for one day or one year.


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Support and Servicing

Maintaining your Hyster forklifts is easy with Hyster New Zealand. You can balance the best combination of service solutions with price to suit your business, and be safe in the knowledge that our dedicated team of Hyster-trained technicians making all efforts to maximise uptime of your fleet. Hyster’s New Zealand branch network offers an extensive range of forklift truck service and maintenance options.
On top of that, Hyster NZ will assign dedicated and highly trained technicians to your business that will work around your site personnel and operational requirements to minimise disruption. We also have the resource and infrastructure to increase your support requirements during peak periods. And, where equipment is required to be offline for an extended period of time, we can supply your business with back-up forklifts.


Terms and Conditions

We have a minimum notice period of a week for machine preparations so the machine is checked serviced and tested. Any transport bookings will need to be made 2 days in advance.