Hyster Tracker

Port Nelson big trucks

Increase production efficiency; improve the performance of your operators and reduce your fuel burn with Hyster Tracker wireless fleet management tool.

Know what your forklift trucks are doing; track utilisation and application of each piece of equipment via GPS technology.

Protect your forklift trucks from neglect or unauthorised use; whether you own or lease, your forklift trucks represent a significant investment and Hyster Tracker ensures that your equipment can be monitored for preventative maintenance purposes, or that it will not operate without the correct pre-start checks.

Know the total cost of your operation; get the most out of your forklift truck fleet with Hyster Tracker by viewing and analysing real-time data. Access fleet utilisation levels, labour/operator efficiency, including idle time, to help you get the most value from your material handling assets.

Download the brochure below to find out more about Hyster Tracker.

Hyster Tracker - Wireless Asset Management PDF 1.6MB