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Earn one entry for every Hyster New Zealand Genuine Parts purchase of $250 +GST or more to WIN a HiKOKI Sabre Saw! (valued at $899+GST).


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Hyster Genuine Parts

Hyster products combine innovative design, industrial-strength components, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing.

Our Genuine Hyster Parts go through rigorous testing, both on and off the truck, to meet our stringent specifications ensuring you get the right parts for peak performance and increased uptime. Coupled with expert service from our Hyster Certified Technicians, we can help you get the job done right with minimal downtime.

Not using genuine Hyster parts can:

  • Negatively affect the overall performance and reliability of the lift truck
  • Shorten the life of mating parts
  • Increase unscheduled downtime
  • Increase maintenance cost over the life of the truck


Some Hyster Genuine Parts include:


Load Rollers

Hyster Load Rollers are used in the mast of a lift truck to guide the mast interlocking channels when raising and lowering forks. The Load Roller, as the name implies, carries the load as the mast channels move up and down.

  • Heat treated, tested and designed for up to 3 times the strength of a Will-Fit load roller
  • Utilises high grade bearing steel
  • Improved design to offer more ball bearings between inner and outer race
  • Load rollers are permanently lubed and sealed

Brakes Shoes

Hyster Brake Shoes help provide optimum performance in braking and pedal effort. Brake Shoe material and the manufacturing processes used to make the Brake Shoes are key factors in their effectiveness and durability.

  • Meets and exceeds industry
    stopping requirements
  • Deep shear surface allows for better bonding resulting in longer life longevity for the brake shoe.
  • No overheating or degradation of components.
  • Low noise levels.
  • Full shoe-to-drum contact.



An Air Filter’s primary function is to protect the engine by preventing dust, dirt and other airborne particles from entering the engine. A secondary function of the Air Filter is to minimise the potential for a fire caused by an engine backfire.


  • Minimised airflow restrictions
  • Utilises high quality cellulose filter material
  • Strong flame retardant material that meets specific UL and industry requirements


  • Higher airflow restrictions
  • Low quality filter material
  • Little to no flame retardant material



Drive Axle Oil Seal

Lift trucks have hundreds of moving parts which require proper sealing to keep grease, oils and other lubricating properties on shafts, bearings and gears to prevent seizing and premature component wear. A secondary purpose of an oil seal is to keep dirt and other contaminates from entering the lubricating areas.

Key performance indicators:

  • The Hyster oil seal is a double lip seal, which is designed to retain oil or other fluids while also prohibiting dirt, water and other contaminates from entering the lubricating areas. The willfit part is a single lip seal which does not provide contamination prohibiting capabilities. So while the competitive seal may keep the oil and grease in, it does not have the capability to prevent contaminates from entering the lubricating areas.
  • An oil seal’s casing helps keep the flexible lip of the seal from deforming and flexing, especially during installation. The Hyster oil seal has a double casing, meaning it is thicker and more robust than the will-fit part, thus making the Hyster oil seal stronger and a potentially better seal.




HiKOKI 36V High Powered Sabre Saw

  • Heavy Duty twin rotation counter weight drive system
  • Approx. 2.6x faster cutting speed than model CR18DBL1
  • Orbital mode cutting or straight cutting mode
  • UVP Anti-vibration system
  • 4-stage selector - low, medium, high and AUTO mode
  • Powered by 36V 1080W high powered Multi Volt battery
  • 36V High Performance brushless motor
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Fastest charging with 32min. Rapid Smart Charging technology

Standard with: 2x Multi Volt batteries (BSL36A18), 32min. Rapid Smart Charger, blade and carry case.

1. Cutting SPF 2 x 10 “/ blade: No.132.

2. Grinding steel with a 125mm grinding wheel.

3. Cutting 1.6mm mild steel.



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Terms & Conditions: Hyster promotion is in conjunction with TWL, and excludes Parts used during maintenance work through Hyster New Zealand Service workshops. Promotion is valid during 1st October – 30th November.